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Luiz Flavio taught History of Art and Philosophy in undergraduate and graduate courses at UEMG and PUC Minas universities, as well as free courses and cultural trips with groups to dozens of cities around the world. 


Richly illustrated, with images and small texts, in addition to bibliographical indications, the History of Contemporary Art course will present in 24 hours a comprehensive overview of the main artistic manifestations that occurred from the  Pop Art (1950s/60s) until the end of the 20th century.


And much more! All this over 48 30-minute lessons +  bonus material,

totaling 24 hours of inspiring and didactic content.


Class 1 - Contemporary Art - The Counterculture in the Golden Years


Conceptual Introduction: Modernism, Postmodernism and Contemporary Art

New Directions: The Counterculture, Duchamp and the New Generation of American Artists

Robert Rauschenberg: Pioneer of Contemporary Art and Forerunner of Conceptual Art

Jasper Johns: Pioneer of Contemporary Art and Forerunner of Pop Art  


Class 2 - Pop Art: The new figuration in the age of consumption


USA, 1960s: Pop Art and the American Way of Life: eroticization, trivialization and excess

“This is Tomorrow”: the emergence of Pop in England in the late 1950s

USA 60's: Pop Art and the American Way of Life: Eroticization, Banalization and Excess

Roy Lichtenstein: Expanding the Duchampian ready-made  


Class 3 - Pop Art and Nouveau Réalisme: Grammar and Sociology of the Object  


Pop Painting: James Rosenquist and Tom Wesselman

From Painting to Pop Sculpture: Robert Indiana and Claes Oldenburg

Nouveau Réalisme: the new perception of the real

From mundane reality to nirvana: Martial Raysse and Yves Klein  


Lesson 4 - The Death of the Real: From Photorealism to Hyperrealism


Photorealism in Germany: the painting of Gerhard Richter

Chuck Close and Hyperrealism in the USA

Other American hyperrealists: Photography and simulacrum in the “society of the spectacle”

The reinvention of Hyperrealism in the art of the last decades  


Class 5 - Minimal Art - Minimalism and the poetics of exclusion


Hard-Edge Abstraction: “Precise Boundary Abstraction” or Pre-Minimalism

Minimal Art: Abstraction, literalism and the search for minimal expression

Top minimalists: LeWitt, Judd, Flavin, Andre and Morris

Other minimalists (Agnes Martin, Fred Sandback and Robert Irwin)  


Class 6 - Conceptual Art: “Art after philosophy”


Conceptual Art: art, philosophy, language and the Duchampian legacy

Analytical and tautological propositions (Art and Philosophy, Art and Language)

Beyond the “white cube”: Land Art (art, nature and ecology)

From the natural landscape to the “white cube”: Land Art, Earth Art or Earthworks  


Class 7 - Conceptual Art II: “When attitudes become form”


Fluxus, happenings, actions and collectivity in the art of the 1960s/70s

Performance Art: Joseph Beuys, Vito Acconci, Chris Burden, Gilbert & George, etc.

Art and radicalism: Feminism and Body Art

Art, love and life: Marina Abramovic & Ulay  


Class 8 - Neo-expressionist painting in Europe and the USA


The “New Savages” in Germany and the worldwide revival of painting in the 1980s

Anselm Kiefer: Art as History, Tragedy and Redemption

The Italian Transvanguard (Francesco Clemente, Sandro Chia, Enzo Cucchi, etc.)

Jean-Michel Basquiat, Keith Haring and American Graffiti  


Class 9 - “After the end of art”: Post-Modernism of the 1980s


Postmodern theories: “post-production” (Nicolas Bourriaud), death of the author (Barthes), of originality (Rosalind Krauss) and of the real (Baudrillard)

Exhaustion: re-production, re-reading, citation and palinody

Jeff Koons: anti-aestheticism, simulacrum, trivialization and market criticism

Dissolution of “movements”, “transfiguration of the banal” and the “end of art” (Arthur Danto)  


Class 10 - The identity crisis and other contemporary debates


Identity, otherness and sexuality: the art of Louise Bourgeois

Christian Boltanski: memory, fragmentation and ruins

The Art of Minorities: Robert Mapplethorpe, Nan Goldin and Felix Gonzalez Torres

The Feminism of Barbara Kruger, Jenny Holzer and the Guerrilla Girls  


Class 11 - Installation and Site Specific: the “expanded field” of sculpture


From sculpture to installation and site specific: the evolution of three-dimensional art

Anish Kapoor: from materiality to sculptural monumentality

The critical potential of irony: Maurizio Cattelan and the new sculpture

Diversity and multiplicity of discourses: the “expanded field” of the end of the millennium  


Class 12 - From Postmodernism to Globalization: the new cultural landscape


Advertising, money and power: YBA (Young British Artists), the new British art

Damien Hirst and the redefinition of the contemporary artist's status

Multiculturalism and Geopolitics: the “invasion” of Chinese art in the West

Provisional conclusions and notes for 21st century art 


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